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The Massive J&J Oriental Rug Gallery Expansion Into New York

The Massive J&J Oriental Rug Gallery Expansion Into New York

Located in Alexandria, VA, the J&J Oriental Rug Gallery is a well-known rug seller and restorer of oriental and Persian rugs. Their mission is to restore Persian and oriental rugs to their former glory, adding back their value and rarity. Because Persian and oriental rugs are so popular due to their elaborate color schemes and their beautiful and unique patterns, the owner, Joshua Nabatkhorian, has now expanded his workspace and opened a new rug workshop in New York City.

“The new expansion has provided us with more display space, more workspace and more parking space to help us and our customers celebrate the oriental rug phenomenon. The extra space means that we can now restore and clean more rugs than ever before, operating a courier service from the New York location.”

The J&J Oriental Rug Gallery already serves much of the globe when professional repairing, cleaning, and restoring rugs, having customers in the Pentagon armed forces and other unlikely places and countries. The business is family run and Mr. Nabatkhorian is a fifth-generation rug restorer. “Our whole family has grown up lovingly restoring Persian and oriental rugs as a craft and art form. My family was initially from Isfahan, Iran, where rug making used to be one of the main income sources. In 1978 we opened our first gallery and here we are today, expanding to cater for the ever-growing popularity of oriental rugs.”

It’s not just professional rug restoration and cleaning that J&Js can help with either; they also provide a free evaluation service remotely, so they can assess any damages to your rug and make an accurate quote on repairs, just from a photograph. Their verbal appraisal service can also give you an idea of how much your rug is worth, or provide an official appraisal for $50, which gives you the stamp of authenticity on your rug’s value. This can help with complicated insurance claims if your rug should become damaged.

Due to their massive expansion, the J&J Oriental Rug Gallery can now provide services all over the world, with handy pick up, transportation and drop off services to ensure maximum safety for your rug. They pride themselves on great service and intricate repairs, meaning you won’t even be able to see the new threads woven and hand-knotted into the fabric, so you’ll have a great looking rug in your home for longer and with a much higher value.

If you have a Persian or oriental rug that needs restoring, or you’re interested in purchasing an antique rug as an investment, visit the J&J Oriental Rug Gallery website for more information.

Website: https://jjrug.com/

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