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Forest Hill MD Online Reiki Energy Healing Emotional Trauma/Stress Relief Launch

Forest Hill, MD – Energy Connect (443-987-6633) continues its commitment to raising the collective consciousness of the world with its newly strengthened Reiki sessions. Through regular and consistent healing, patients experience a noticeable lightness in their being.

Calming the global energetic shift, Energy Connect announces that its Reiki and Energy Healing sessions can now be conducted online for anyone around the world. The goal of the service is to offer compassionate divine healing through a certified Reiki master and accomplished Awaken Dynamic practitioner.

More details can be found at https://healingenergyconnect.com

The updated services provide therapeutic benefits for all sorts of conditions, from minor headaches to deeper emotional trauma. Juan, the Founder of Energy Connect and certified Reiki master, explains that guided energy exchange triggers self-healing and unblocks any mental blocks. He says that clients almost immediately feel a lightness in their soul but recommends several sessions for the effects to be longer-lasting.

Juan uses Reiki, which is a recognized type of complementary therapy, one modality in the energy healing field. It is based on the belief that universal energy can be transferred from the practitioner’s palm to the client. The more active energy from the master reinvigorates the stagnant form found in patients, triggering healing and better wellness.

Typically, Reiki is conducted in person, with the master hovering his palms across specific parts of the patient’s body. This is particularly important if the energy blocks have manifested themselves as physical pain, as the master can directly touch the client, lessening any distance for energy transfer.

Nevertheless, proximity is not a requirement in Reiki. Masters clarify that energy is universal and is as powerful regardless of location. This is why Energy Connect offers long-distance Reiki sessions so that anyone in the world can benefit from energy healing.

Aside from Reiki, clients may also be suggested other forms of complementary therapy, including emotional freedom technique and guided meditation, depending on their specific needs. Juan invites patients to schedule an initial assessment with him to determine the next steps. As each person is different, all treatment plans are customized to their specific requirements.

He also offers exploratory sessions at no cost for those who are still hesitant about energy healing. Clients simply have to schedule their appointment on the website or Facebook page.

Interested parties can find more information at https://healingenergyconnect.com

Contact Info:
Name: Juan d’Argent
Email: Send Email
Organization: Energy Connect
Address: 307 Dellcrest Drive, Forest hill, Maryland 21050, United States
Phone: +1-443-987-6633

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