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Firms Decrease Costs Within One Quarter With BOSS Outsourcing Accounting Work

Australian accounting practices now able to see true expansion goals realised much quicker than usual with Back Office Shared Services (BOSS) outsourcing benefits

LINDFIELD, NSW, AUSTRALIA: Anytime discussions arise amongst accountants about technological advancements the topic of it taking over usually comes up. Though, to the delight of many firms, there is alternative help beyond the horizon and onshore as well.

First up, for instant relief of the upcoming IT pressures forever biting at the ankles of many practices, there’s the not so new these days, though now proven offshoring outsourcing accounting work. Hundreds if not, thousands of Australian firms, many large and medium and also smaller firms are enjoying the added benefits of sending their compliance work to firms overseas in an effort to curb the extra hiring and the added headaches of keeping on staff in their own country. And in doing so, many BOSS clients have managed to increase their profit within a financial quarter.

Another benefit to going overseas for the compliance work is firms now have a lot more time on their hands to offer extra services to their existing and prospective clients. By offering up business building advice to their clients, accounting firms have an opportunity to increase their revenue for these additional services as well as saving money on the compliance work costs.

Outsourcing accounting work to the much needed rescue. BOSS’ Client Relationship and Marketing Manager Mr Court had to say, “This is a great example of accounting practices deciding if they want to use new services to their advantage, or if they want to spend time fighting the inevitable. Think about the music industry before Itunes and now Spotify and Blockbuster that didn’t understand the potential expressed in Netflix, or even bookstores that could have ruled the world had they have the vision of Amazon. Remember, this is not about firing in-house staff and hiring only overseas employees. This is about using offshore staff to do the basic compliance work and keeping or even hiring more Australian staff to do more interesting business building work for your clients. A real bonus for existing clients to be able to offer them a new beneficial service but also a very attractive proposition for prospects.”

Clients that take on outsourcing accounting work with BOSS are up and running with their virtual accountant in a week, don’t have to pay any leave associated costs such as annual or sick leave and need only give a month’s notice to end a no questions asked contract.

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